Spring Into New Beginnings

Spring Into New Beginnings

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Okay people, here’s the obligatory blog introduction. Because let’s be honest, some of you who know us are wondering, Why?

First, I’ll start by saying Evan and I are teammates. We often remind each other, especially in rough seasons, “I’m on your team.” We like to do things together and we’re in agreement on most topics. Some couples need “time apart.” We feel like we don’t get enough time together! And that’s saying something considering Evan is an introvert who needs “alone time.”

There’s been discussion for years over our individual creative aspirations. Evan had his plans and I had mine. Neither of us were very successful. So, we came to a point where we decided, Let’s do something together! We’ve always had better success when we’ve committed together.

Samuel approved of the chocolate pecan pie on Pi Day.
Samuel approved of the chocolate pecan pie on Pi Day.

We wanted to have a place where we could combine all of our creative talents and interests, then share it with the world. A lifestyle blog seemed like the perfect platform where all this could happen. It’s like a giant digital bulletin board where we could store some of the things that matter to us–namely faith, family, and food (because Ashley likes to cook, and I like to eat).

We thought about the topics that matter most to us and came up with what I called “The Three Fs.” I can be so gimmicky at times and I was thrilled by the alliteration. Faith. Family. Food. Later on I added “Photography.” It includes a digraph which makes an F sound, so it still works!

We decided to jump in and go for it. You can’t know if something will happen one way or the other unless you try, right? Well…here goes nothin’.

Charlotte is a morning person!
Charlotte is a morning person!

We know that in the beginning our blog will seem pointless to some and messy to others. We’re not shooting for perfection. Our creative souls are waiting and longing to unfold and manifest creativity. We want to share our life with people and we hope they can glean pieces which are life-giving. We don’t know where this lifestyle blog will take us, (Or if we’re even categorizing it in the appropriate blog niche!) but we’re willing to be patient and find out.

So, if you’re interested, come along for the ride, and find out what the Staehles are all about!


Here’s some topical posts you can be on the lookout for in the near future:

“5 Things That Have No Place in Your Family” (SERIES)
Criticism, Judgment, Manipulation, Name-Calling, and Selfishness. Why should we have no tolerance for these things in our homes?

“The Importance of Date Night”
We use the term “date night” loosely. Creativity is key and one-on-one time is essential.

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