Fall Tree Craft for Preschoolers

Fall Tree Craft for Preschoolers

Happy Fall y’all!

We have recently made a very informal start to preschool in our home since our oldest turned 4 in September. But even if you’re not homeschooling, this fall tree craft is great for anyone between the ages of 2 and 6! These fall trees are low-cost, super simple, fun, and help develop your child’s fine motor skills.


Start your fall tree craft by tracing your child’s hand on a sheet of brown construction paper. This is the easiest and fastest way to create a tree! Either cut the tree out yourself or let your child cut it out, depending on his or her age and ability.


Glue your freshly cut tree to a sheet of construction paper. (Blue or white are good choices!) Again, give your child the chance to do this step if they’re able.


Tear red, orange, and yellow construction paper into small pieces. These will be your leaves! And this can actually be a really fun step for your child too. If you feel like your child is too young to tear up all the paper though, do this step in advance.


Finish this fun little craft by gluing all the “leaves” to the tree branches. If you haven’t given your child a chance to do any gluing, give it a shot now! It may have been a little messy, but we let both our 2-year-old and 4-year-old glue the leaves on by themselves.

Once your colorful creation is complete, hang it on display for everyone to see! Take some time to talk with your preschooler about the changing seasons and especially about the beautiful fall leaves. Don’t forget to watch our video below!

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